80 after the guy 600 yuan in Sichuan started casting Tiexue

in the recently held 2011APEC SME summit, from the "Tiexue CEO Jiang Lei an interview with reporters will have 20 minutes, one wearing a pair of black glasses young boy gently pushed the door interview. "Are you a reporter for an interview with Jiang Lei?" asked a staff member at the scene. "Yes." After hesitating for 10 seconds, the young man replied. Just finished answering, I heard 10 meters away from behind an assistant to the reporter shouted: Jiang total, you take a break, there are only a few minutes before the start of the interview." The moment, the staff embarrassed red face, she did not think the young man is wearing ordinary this interview will be the protagonist, about 20000000 registered users, is expected this year, sales of 100 million yuan, the largest military China Tiexue website CEO Jiang Lei.

to see the 17 year old founder of the military novel Tiexue

Jiang Lei is very young, from Sichuan, Nanchong, after 80 he is full of vigor and vitality, quick thinking, talkative laugh. When the marketing mode and future development on Tiexue, Jiang Lei’s face was full of confidence and perseverance, beyond 80 mature.

1997, China’s Internet has just started, then high school Jiang Lei has begun to focus on the military forum on the internet.


entered the University, the relatively relaxed campus life gave him more access to military sites, with the deepening of contact. "At that time, there are many series of military novels in the forum, but the forum is in accordance with the reply quantity to sort, many times the first episode could not find the second set, it is difficult to read a novel." In order to provide a complete military website can read novels, 2001, 17 year old Jiang Lei founded the virtual war — Tiexue life. The site was founded and did not want to think about publicity and marketing, but with the continuous development and expansion of the site, many users reflect the name of the site is not good to remember, it is recommended to change a more distinctive, with the identification of the name. "At that time, many netizens love Otto von Bisman, and suggested using iron this name, I feel good with." After a few months, "the official birth of Tiexue".

first gold American websites advertising costs 600 yuan

no money how to do? Before May 2001, the website is provided by the website of the other free space, until he gains a pot of gold of life "". "At that time, there was a website in the United States. They made a small ad on our website." Finally, the small ads were to bring him the income of 600 yuan, with the money, Jiang Lei immediately bought the domain name Tiexue, and rented a server. By this 600 yuan, Jiang Lei Tiexue began large-scale expansion. In April 2004, Beijing science and technology limited liability company was officially established.

find the profit model first electricity supplier failure


profit has been a question of Jiang Lei. At first, he wanted to use the model of paid electronic magazine

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