Jingdong Taobao 12 seeking differential promotions small sellers into the protagonist

double 11 promotion battle smoke has not yet dispersed, Jingdong, Taobao mall started to do warm-up for the December sales, we have to look at "the date of December 12th, but compared with the previous 618, 1111 fierce price war, business platform hope to find the difference of price promotions, to relieve the fatigue of user dissatisfaction about the bombing the mood.

Jingdong Mall: internal expected over 6.18

as the main price war Jingdong mall, with 6.18 and 8.15 had two wars to stir up the pulse of the industry, although in a "blocking" 11 Tmall dual nature of the "Desert Storm" activities, temporary exit businesses encounter the mall continues to carry out promotional activities of Jingdong, and as early as a month ago to begin preparations for the double 12 big promotion.

According to the Jingdong

Mall Marketing Senior Vice President Cheng Junyi, at the end of the year is the peak shopping, suppliers have a large number of shipments of punching performance demand, Jingdong has been prepared in the delivery and logistics, the twelve category of Jingdong will participate in the promotion, the Jingdong owned some of the products accounted for 80%. Different from the previous war in the promotion of cheap slogan, Jingdong this time is the love card.

"in December 12, 2012, this is a node in 1000 years, we want to do a member of the Jingdong Guan Airi activities through this festival, let the user experience better." According to Cheng Junyi introduction, this event includes 4 elements: Beauty delivery group, lottery cheap to buy Smart, service upgrades (such as the use of lower amounts to extend the warranty period, etc.), 3-8 discount promotions.

Why is the

to transform marketing ideas? The answer is "Junyi Cheng tickle tickle more, the place is not to itch". He said the Jingdong mall target population was 20 at the age of 30, all of the young people, the price advantage is a must, but only if the price advantage, but not from the user point of emotion and love to the user for a long time that this culture is not creative.

Although Cheng Junyi did not directly comment on Tmall

double 11 promotion, but he stressed that the Jingdong marketing advantage is B2C mode, site management, warehousing, shopping, payment, delivery, customer service is done by the Jingdong, to ensure that each node on the user experience and the benefits are controllable. "Control, open skewness is not on the online shopping loop each link business links many consumers experience uneven in quality, not up to that."

, according to Cheng Junyi, Jingdong internal promotion in December 12th over 6.18. According to data previously published by Jingdong, June 18th sales day Jingdong sales of more than 1 billion yuan a day, the number of orders more than 1 million 500 thousand single.

Taobao: let small sellers to sing the protagonist

Tmall double 11 shopping carnival, with turnover of 19 billion 100 million yuan for the retail industry have no small shock, although caused a lot about overdraft consumption, brush transactions and other promotional issues, but it reflects a new economic model of the electric force should not be underestimated.

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