Secret marriage website Lily office environment

Lily network ( is China’s largest dating site. Lily network’s core business is based on the "soul matching" marriage services. May 2005, Lily network officially released in China, the first launch of the soul match, the achievement of a happy marriage, a unique mode of love and marriage, as of July 2006, more than 6 million 500 thousand registered users. At present, from the number of users, the proportion of active users, the degree of involvement of the user in the process of love and so on each index, Lily network has become China’s largest marriage website.

Lily network founder Tian Fanjiang graduated from the Department of computer science, Tsinghua University, and received a doctorate. Lily Online Technology Co., Ltd. CEO. In 2004, the world-renowned consulting firm Accenture when earning millions choose to leave home business, and Tsinghua students Qianjiang (Tsinghua graduate computer, the Walton School of business MBA), Mu rock common to raise one million yuan founded hey friends network, this was one of the earliest dating site SNS.

in May 2005, three people founded the Beijing Lily Online Technology Co. Ltd. in hey friends network based on (, first introduced in the domestic professional network matchmaking service, recommended friends heart matching type. Within half a year, obtained has two in the remaining 200 thousand funds on the basis of the history of the United States led by renowned Vc firm Mayfield Fund, NEA GSR and NorthernLight Ventures, including four venture capitalists co injected $11 million in venture capital. Create a miracle.


stage of the enterprise SYPC, we will together with Su Peng into the lily network, understand the staff of the office environment.


Lily network is located in Beijing City Guanghua Road No. 15 Chaoyang District TEDA times Center Building 1, 13 layers of


front MM


photograph, a total of two MM on the right side of the front desk, see Lily? Lily network and the front wall of brilliance



here is the front of the surrounding environment


to the staff close-up




customer service personnel are paying members unriddling for Lily network, like a



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