Following 52 com 2 digital domain name 47 cn shoot out 715 thousand

renamed China ( April 16th news, yesterday in the "domain name auction boutique Chinese, champion, shoot high price of 11 million 10 thousand yuan. Last night, another 2 digital domain name after a bid of $206, after the completion of the auction price of 715000 yuan.


2 digital domain name registered in 2003, homophonic number "47" and "private Chinese, period", the name of the terminal there are many, such as the 47 movie network (, 47 agent ( etc.. After the digital domain is enabled, it is possible to become a brand, such as is enabled by the 37 game, now "37" has become a well-known brand.

is suitable for digital domain to build a website widely types, plus 2 digital domain name character is short, easy to remember, it is like for investors and terminal, the price is not low. Time domain node at a distance of the remaining 5 days of the time, the price has now reached more than 160 thousand, with the price of 715 thousand yuan. Pat, can be welcomed.

2 digital.CN domain only a limited number of Global 100, plus 2 digital domain name meaning top phase is more favored by the people. In the first two days of Boutique Auction, also took a price of $1 million 685 thousand.

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