Home shop to save the car after the market

the past two years the concern of the car market after a trip to ride the roller coaster, the first is the influx of capital, giant layout, entrepreneurs "trying to" squeeze in, want to share; but then a series of "bad news", a large number of focus on the car after service stars such as car, car Bo Pai long long net, net, all car No. 2 car, 8 car garage, e, car wash, car wash, Zhifu Hui cloud washing, washing time tick or face bankruptcy or acquisition of mediation, the so-called "left for the king, after the car market O2O in the face of the industry reshuffle is also actively seeking life-saving medicine, who can save the car after the


was ahead of the car market after O2O

is, after the car market is a large cake, according to statistics China Chain Management Association, China automobile market scale this year has reached 600 billion yuan, an increase of 30% last year, and is expected in 2018 will exceed trillion yuan. At present, China’s automobile market has been divided into five major industries: automotive cleaning, beauty, modification industry; automotive insurance industry; automotive repair and accessories industry; automotive supplies industry; used car and car rental industry. One is to have the car door maintenance, e maintenance, son-in-law Carradine, Mocha car, car son-in-law and so on hundreds of enterprises. They grow to a certain extent, is a breakthrough of the traditional offline stores the pain points, such as auto parts maintenance service opaque price, high price, products are not guaranteed, long time, poor experience, so in the capital helped crazy growth.

but the industry seems to advance into the winter, the market is still in the first half of the car after the burn stage, the second half began to transition and integration, many enterprises have not tasted the sweetness, it suffered. When high-profile start-ups closed down more enterprises choose to meet the eye everywhere, breaking initiative, such as the maintenance of E in Beijing has opened 2 outlets, Zhuge car network also uses "trading online, offline services" service mode, online open car. Hyde also provide on-site and to shop two car service for the owners of planting… So "Home + and so on beyond count, to store industry to become a life-saving straw, perhaps as an entrepreneur said: home maintenance can be solved about 80%, 20% of the business still need to solve the shop, after the car market future trend may be the door to the shop + scene. So the problem, the door + to the store really can save the car after the market?

automotive aftermarket O2O "dead" where?

this problem is equivalent to answer two questions: 1, the car market after the O2O problem in which, 2 of these issues, "Home + shop" mode can handle that? We answer the first question, the industry suffered trapped enterprise is how to die "".

1, a slow death: high frequency with low frequency chain is too long, feed on illusions

car market after the maintenance service is a relatively low frequency and high customer price in the industry, and most industry entrepreneurs and investors are thought from the high-frequency service entry, through subsidies to low frequency >

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