Lily network implementation of the real name system spoiler or change

fraud, frequent night affair, moral decay in the name of love, negative information frequently reported about the dating sites over the past six months has suffered an unprecedented crisis of confidence. In one of the three as a warning for the future, Chinese dating sites Lily network finally announced sweeping changes that do the real name and identity authentication.
"first three months for all members of the real name authentication, the next step may also be qualifications, occupation and marital status certification certification." Lily network CEO Tian Fanjiang recently accepted the first financial daily interview revealed.
real name authentication is a gamble, after Lily network and several other dating sites, is the micro profit "model" based on the number of users widely. The basis of this profit model is based on a large number of registered active users, with a look at other users letter, spend 2 yuan of money, this way of profit. "We’ve been talking about whether it’s a suicidal act." A lily staff told reporters that the worst is expected to lose half of the user.
40 years old a company chairman Shang Yang (a pseudonym) registered less than a year on a dating website, has seen nearly 20 female friends, one is a girl met two or three times to call to ask him for help to pay the rent, there is one who just met the girl said, hoping to get the help of the purchase shoufu. This is to let Yang feel dumbfounding, he also began to meet with friends on the Internet, but with friends to help introduce a girlfriend.
"from a legal perspective, not the responsibility of dating sites, because of the risk has been fully informed. But from the social responsibility, we just remind the user, you have to be smart, to be careful, is not enough." Tian Fanjiang said.
side is the moral condemnation, while the interests of the driver. This chat room, all kinds of online games from 10 years ago to QQ to various social networking sites emerging, and met through the network of a few people, many of them deceived examples. The crime rate is rising year by year, but the website has never been willing to take responsibility.

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