Webmaster nets daily broadcast Baidu PPS Tencent acquisition integration electricity supplier


1 Baidu purchase PPS has been signed as soon as possible


for the March 22nd burst Baidu to buy PPS a thing, the two sides were denied after some, but I get from the Internet and investment circles many veteran cadres further confirmed that the real situation is: Baidu’s acquisition of PPS, Iqiyi or Baidu money to buy PPS, is still, Baidu has signed with Term Sheet PPS, Chinese called a letter of intent to invest, the next step will be DD, due diligence, all through, the two sides will sign a final agreement of investment, the final completion of the acquisition of PPS.


once again learned: Baidu PPS has been signed to buy the intention to tune

PPS is behind the acquisition rumors: "seeking to giant melee line

2 to restore a true view of the Internet privacy can also do good data

CCTV 3· 15 party Internet privacy "a fish to eat three" and turned into APP, Cookies and other three topics, this newspaper once again focus on these topics, not to refute CCTV’s point of view, but rather to present a real situation of Internet privacy. It is worth noting that we pointed out in the report, according to APP and Cookies, the US consumers have the right to choose, use, or not, all of you say! For you as a consumer will choose, please read the following text.

annual CCTV 3· 15 party will set off a great disturbance in the IT sector, as IT media, we invited wearing IT glasses "readers looking back on a APP and Cookie the fashionable topic, re understanding of Internet privacy brings joy joy.


restore a true view of the Internet to get data can be good or bad

3 Alibaba: sprint most valuable company potential

in a few years, Alibaba will be among the world’s most valuable companies list. With the expansion of Alibaba and open up new markets, it has the potential to change

is on the way to becoming the world’s largest economy, and China is moving across a new milestone. Its e-commerce market has surpassed the United States, dominate the market is a large company named Alibaba. To some extent, it is already the world’s largest e-commerce company. Last year, the total turnover of Alibaba’s two portals totaled $1 trillion and 100 billion (about $170 billion), more than the sum of eBay and amazon. Alibaba is moving towards the world’s first annual trade e-commerce companies amounted to $1 trillion. However, despite the achievements of the Alibaba is so great, but the private

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