The 101 step is to make you a good blogger

The 101 step is to make you a good blogger

I found that the most successful bloggers have similar steps to success, through research and study for a long time, I found that although there is no blog on the surface looks so simple but, after some effort, I think everyone can become a successful blog.

below is the 101 step to becoming a good blog…

1, first of all, the use of WordPress, built-in SEO and high performance WordPress function is very suitable for search engine;
6, to 9Rules submit your blog
7, submitted to the Newsnow for your blog
9, insist on writing and ping
14, 99% of your time to write original content, "content is king"
15, give you the page to add an eye-catching RSS Subscribe button
16, in each log is placed at the bottom of a RSS feed link

install some plugins to optimize your blog

19, Akismet – used to remove spam

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