Offline activities Grassroots Adsense alternative promotion

November 7th is also on Saturday, webmaster network to carry out an organization of the station to see the sunrise Taishan line activities. This activity was organized by the moderator, including A5 webmaster, mountaineering enthusiasts around a total of 12 people attended, although not many people, but very successful activities is also very meaningful, you experience a bit "would be extremely Ling, list of small hills" shock, also saw the long-awaited Taishan sunrise 12 people, one line feel rewarding, the mood is very happy. The first stop of the line activities is the Admin5 station network launched "A5 grassroots", "walking round the 12 season, a hiking dream" is the slogan of this series of activities, each month will report an event like this, choose a suitable place, Guang Dazhi like-minded grassroots webmaster gathered together, flying mood feel the nature, with the exchange of experiences to share do stand experience.

although I do not have the opportunity to go to Taishan to feel regret, but enjoy the photos of the mount Taishan at the end of the event ( is a very happy thing. We all know that love will run grassroots webmaster, greatly small Adsense party, are keen to participate in the general assembly of the Internet, the most famous is the webmaster Guo Jijun will run almost all of the owners will go to the party, with the run will not only improve the visibility also played their own website promotion purpose. His webmaster sns web site has become a gathering of information and information gathering and communication of an important base. Run a webmaster want to learn to exchange experiences and see that it is very difficult to meet the Internet gangster and famous webmaster, two is to take the opportunity to improve my exposure, exchange at the venue under the name card, pull a banner, or simply on their clothes printed on their own website and logo website, in the event the little exposure, even better than the line to write a soft, add a link to release the effect even better. So I think the webmaster to participate in and hold the line, the Congress Party and the tourism activities is a good way of promotion, is not only the promotion, to bring you the reputation and visibility of exposure, more physical and mental exercise and regulation.

multi line activities under a lot of benefits, the author of the proposal for the activities of the line is more focused on the activities of the shift to the outdoors, not just confined to the indoor gathering and Internet conference. Regular meeting and the annual meeting of the Internet will have dozens or even hundreds of times a year, most of the Congress is very dogmatic, guest speakers, interactive quiz and sweepstakes…… There are times when a guest at a meeting in Beijing may have the same content in the next meeting in Guangzhou. Webmaster to participate in more than the actual thing can not learn much. If you can hold more outdoor activities, such as hiking, visiting places of interest, charity, etc., not only in the promotion of activities, but also exercise the body to adjust the mood, so that the long-term face of bad computer

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