Open online education website Udemy 60 million financing to accelerate the pace of expansion of the

Udemy is an open online education website (MOOC), the company announced today just completed a round of $60 million financing. The investment side of this round of financing is the multinational media group’s investment fund Naspers Naspers Ventures. So far, the total financing of Udemy has more than 170 million u.s..


as part of this round of financing, Naspers Ventures Larry Illg will join the board of Udemy CEO. Here’s a brief introduction to Naspers. Naspers is a company headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa’s large multinational media group of science and technology, the company has been listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange, the main business includes Internet business, community, content, communication and game, and publishing magazines, newspapers and so on, the main scope of business in emerging and developing countries. This is the second Naspers recently invested in the field of online education. Last month, Naspers has just thrown a $15 million round of financing Brainly, Brainly is a learning problem to learn to learn to solve the problem of bypass online education start-up companies.

June 2015, Udemy had received a round of $65 million D round of financing. Udemy’s CEO Yang Dennis said that after last year’s D round of financing, the company did not actively financing, because the company has a large amount of cash in the bank account. The main purpose of Udemy Naspers is to begin to contact and cooperate with each other in some aspect of business, in order to speed up the internationalization of the pace of expansion of Udemy, and get the other investment is only about a product in the process of cooperation.

Udemy was founded in 2010. The name Udemy has its special meaning. "Udemy" is made up of "you" and "Academy"". And other online education platform is different, Udemy not only open a variety of courses, more open teaching opportunities. In other words, as long as you want, you can also become a teacher. The user can at any time any course on the platform, can also set up their own curriculum, professional knowledge and will introduce their own good to the world, decide the course fee by the teacher, usually in the $20 to $100 range. In addition to providing a web version, Udemy also has iOS and Android version of App, so that users can learn at their own pace, not limited by time, place and equipment.


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