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Google is the principle of "no evil", while Baidu is different, the same content, Baidu may give priority to Baidu, Baidu, Baidu Post Bar space content in the front row, using this feature, we can use Baidu know promotion website, carefully do good, sometimes bring long-term returns.

below to talk about my experience. Use Baidu know do traffic, pay attention:

, Baidu, post, also need SEO optimization. Baidu is not all keywords will be their products in the first row, so still want to optimize. For example, why ask "where there is a mobile phone software download lie my question? What is the mobile phone software lie?", content again, this is actually increase the keyword density of mobile phone software. ".

two, A vest with their own questions, answer vest with B, then A B will vest vest answer as the best answer, this process must always be replaced IP, best for a long time, such as one or two hours. Otherwise it is easy to be found Baidu, the direct consequence is that the account was banned for three days.

three, must be the problem has been solved (that is, after the question to choose an answer), it may appear in Baidu search results. The problem to be solved in Baidu search less than.

four, the best content, with some serious, people do not see is the vest to answer, at best is sent to the "reference", if the hair in the content, should not see the flaws, the fix will be a domain name, domain name once sealed, know, after Baidu post never, not your web site.

five, don’t make garbage, let your answer post, become a useful and valuable content to others. Only in this way, you can comfortably enjoy Baidu’s contribution to flow, by making spam to get traffic, they will have a guilty conscience.

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