WeChat marketing experience beware of WeChat circle of friends winter

in ten days ago to see the win in China, the final title of the battle, and now remember the most clear is the content of Ma said: the first to eat grass nest, the first business from a friend. This sentence in the circle of friends in WeChat is a very good test, but then there are only three months after the harvest harvest is a cold winter. Now, no matter when and where the most popular thing is no longer brush micro-blog, but talk about WeChat, what will be popular here to dig what. Liu Xinyong every day and visiting the WeChat, the circle of friends is to go to play, but two years of WeChat, the change of the circle of friends is really the point I do not know where to start, do not know, crammed into this is a good thing, Liu Xinyong summed up out of more than two words: wash and sell.

wash, here I refer to the meaning of "brainwashing", originally meant to work hard, clean words, but the way out of the true meaning of. Good language expression is indeed a great spiritual food, occasionally pop out of a link is similar to the inspirational, give a little exaggerated title, also don’t know this day to help people to find the strength of these things. Inspirational words are people motivated, excellent youth to decadent, unbearable fate ravaged dot chicken "Oh, oh, and then go forward, every brother A ten, eight, B brother and then send ten, eight, this is not what is poison? Much afraid of playing chicken have side effect? In fact, these stories or philosophies worth mentioning, the meaning is roughly the same, subjective, positive, confident, sunshine, direction and target. That is summed up in this article a few, there is a unique circle of symbols, from marketing to join network marketing, is not shared marketing related, improve the conversion rate of ten cheats what marketing skills, fast sales. Some are after all is said and done very subjective estimation, the contents inside even the author can not practice, to what purpose the circle of friends, even friends have never seen such a classic content with friends really share? Or to let in this circle of people remember the original you are very active, very content, really understand the marketing master


sell, this word is suitable for all circles. Do not know from what time, circle of friends into shopping malls, absolute shopping malls, really admire the first person to eat crabs, how smart you can think of doing business circle of friends, estimated that the elder brothers worship Ma, do business friends from the start. Slowly with the network media, including the well-known personal blog and network marketing forum in the beginning of the only several successful case analysis and publicity, coupled with WeChat constantly promote the marketing training of people, this circle really blossomed into today’s business district. There is nothing wrong with doing business, there is nothing wrong with doing business with friends, we can put the interests of the business to a class, do a bundle, so in the Chinese society, it is difficult to distinguish between friends and business. WeChat is the benefit of the circle of friends to share each information (including links) can be seen in the circle, with the feeling that there is no difference between the QQ space, and even sell things all the routines >

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