Shallow talk about the promotion of the website of cognitive enlightenment

Time flies,

went on to May 2010. As a new network to promote the industry, is well aware of its lack of experience, so to continue to accumulate, in a month’s time also browse the promotion of a large number of articles, but also learn how to make the basic skills to promote some of their predecessors, and these directions for everyone to believe (blog, for having heard it many times the forum, QQ group, Ruan Wen), the specific work also uses the methods, but the general feeling did not find the right direction, mediocre results.

how to promote your website? Everyone knows the website do need promotion to have the effect, but where to start? It is nothing more than 2: with the chain in the chain, the chain in the chain with have not within the chain no chain is no good, no matter what type of website, no matter when a website promotion that is a basic criteria of the promotion website: clear purpose, identify the website user groups, user behavior, and actively promote the network investigation and summary.

when the promotion looks simple, really need a certain endurance and ability to implement them. Be good at thinking and learning. In fact, some things, we seem to be very difficult, it is because we do not know the solution to the problem, the most recent free down is to understand some of the promotion of the site, in the search for the promotion of the website skills.

personally feel that the promotion website must pay attention to persevere, to adhere to the site is updated every day, do some links and other things, but for a long time we will feel tired, oh, and we behave like a long time we have lost interest in life, lack of passion, this is what I want us to be adjust the appropriate.

dream needs to be created, success requires effort. Well, today said that this time, I don’t remember thinking short, sometimes at night when I can come up with a bunch of, ah, hope to share learning website promotion the feeling with the vast number of friends, literary talent is not good, do not mind.

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