Ren Zhiqiang entrepreneurs should have entrepreneurial spirit he can not work overtime overtime

tiger sniffing note: Recently, China’s well-known real estate gangster Ren Zhiqiang in the 2015 entrepreneurship community conference published a theme for not everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship speech. In his speech he stressed that entrepreneurship is not a game, but to conquer the world, entrepreneurs regard themselves as entrepreneurs, ask yourself with the entrepreneurial spirit, have the ability to integrate resources, have the spirit of contract, keen smell business opportunities of the three most important quality, at the same time, also should assume social responsibility, promote social value creation progress. In the management level, Ren Zhiqiang pointed out that a lot of start-up companies there is a serious phenomenon of overtime, which is necessary to change the situation, even if the high-level overtime, employees can not work overtime.

below is Ren Zhiqiang’s speech:

my topic is "not everyone is fit to start a business".

a few days ago in a similar event, I was asked to speak to the point that is why entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship. First of all I want to say is, entrepreneurship and employment are two different things. Employment is that you listen to others, entrepreneurship is your command of others, so entrepreneurship is the world, to solve the employment of more people. The most important thing is that never assume economic responsibility into the economic responsibility. As an entrepreneur, why the old said A round, B round, C round, investors may want to send you up high, but no matter what, most importantly, you should be responsible for the economy, if you can not create economic value, what is the use? This is the biggest difference between employment and entrepreneurship.

entrepreneurs must have three qualities

so what entrepreneurs do? A lot of entrepreneurs say they may not be entrepreneurs, and today’s award-winning entrepreneurs say they want to be a real entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is to have an entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, adventure, beyond the entrepreneurial spirit, want to be a hero, if there is no such idea, not entrepreneurs in the industry, if not the first, you may have been defeated. These may be some of the new features of the internet. In such a special condition, it is important in the market share is how much, because all the techniques can be imitated by others, if others copycat technology is higher than you, will be able to get more market. When people get more market share, you die, so you have to change. Then it is important to find the opportunity, all the things are original, but you have to link them up through the network.

One of the most important things about

entrepreneurs is that they can combine all resources together. Like developers, but organizers, the design, money, materials and other resources together, this is the most important thing entrepreneurs.

many people think entrepreneurship may be a dream to come out, in fact, wealth comes from the creation, if our chance inequality, you have no opportunity, some people expect to get more money from the hands of the government as a start-up capital, also some people rely on family, but more people are relying on the market. If >

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