Brand marketing personal marketing needs not only memorable personality

marketing power, you can always see and hear a variety of marketing methods, in all the way of marketing, the most dynamic and personality than the brand marketing and marketing.

wireless Mudanjiang believes that every successful brand marketing, personal marketing in addition to the "personality", there are still many you must control the degree".

Durex brand marketing: from the bottom line low to examine the degree of well groomed young man wins the prodigal son

Durex brand marketing has almost become a "great master", has become a successful example of marketing people from all walks of life, but a few years ago, Durex didn’t all follow ", but is well groomed young man" is a moral principle, sometimes not cleared, love the yellow piece prodigal.

college entrance examination in 2014, Durex issued a micro-blog, the text is: "before the college entrance examination, the girl said to the boy," this, this not ah, we are still in high school. " After college, the girl took the initiative to say to the boys, ‘do we want to go to the hotel to rest?’ ‘

before 2014, Durex even gave the children a "make love" in English version: it is called "I make love with her everday", called "I made love. With her yesterday"……

so, Durex put itself in a frivolous prodigal lead a fast.

look now, when Liu Xiang retired, Durex to make a very classic marketing: stick to it is the strong man.

on the contrary, Liu Xiang’s divorce is not Durex’s figure, Bi Fujian’s dinner events did not Durex figure…… Durex play is a classic, slowly out of the brand effect of the situation, has evolved into the mouth without integrity, meaning constantly creativity, but still do not hurt the innocent, dumbfounding admirable and well groomed young man "".

Deng Chao’s personal marketing: serious male God happy two goods

in the "master", running man before breaking up, Deng Chao’s personal image is always cool and serious men of God, since the movie "Deng Chao" will break master idiot nature show running man, once the most incisive style reproduction happy idiot bearing, Deng Chao micro-blog has also become another major the source of the fans get Deng Chao idiot nature.

"do you sleep a mullet was clear from the eyes of passers-by in the other brother, father proudly Piaoguo, taking you", the show is the son; "I go what lucky to find such a good daughter-in-law" show of love…… Behind their ridicule countless times, loving family, a micro-blog with a very high activity, because "two" can bring you joy.

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