The marketing channel of unpopular industries

popular industry has great potential space, the market is not saturated, the competitiveness of small, favorable factors gave us great encouragement. But everything is the popular industry There are both advantages and disadvantages., all have a common problem – promotion difficult, difficult to promote. People have a low level of awareness of this product, very little contact with such products, if you have done an investigation, you will find that people are asked to shake his head three do not know. So, since the products are low awareness, means that we have started our own brand, let the people know that our enterprise is professional to do this product, please remember our enterprise, when people slowly recognition of this products, Lenovo to your enterprise, this time, your brand will set.

so below on the analysis of marketing channels:

one, playing hard advertising

large enterprises to take the channel. As everyone knows this, burn. Only large enterprises and have strong economic backing can support, hard advertising is tens of thousands of investment, ranging from tens of thousands to more than 100 million, really, really burn, but quick. Give a very simple example: Suning Appliance, is a very famous brand, everyone must have heard about the people? But on money in advertising. So, the popular sectors, can play hard advertising, promotion of enterprise visibility, hard advertising can let more people cognition of your products.


soft advertising

small and medium enterprises to take the channel. This is relatively hard to save a lot of advertising, because of the small investment, so many small and medium enterprises favored. Especially for the popular industry of small companies is to go by channel. Soft advertising is soft, through the way of writing all kinds of soft SEO method, using a variety of platforms, take a variety of promotion channels, to promote enterprise products, so as to establish the enterprise brand.

so I see all kinds of A5 marketing channels, which I am more recognized is: SNS social platform and SME search engine marketing combination of both

1 SNS is the popular industry product platform mass awareness is low, so we use social networking platform, by writing high quality soft Wen, spread on the SNS platform. Then you write the article will be related to a lot of points: first, the positioning of the age group of people, what they like?. Second, when people slowly cognition of this product, people will set up your brand in the heart, began to search for your company name in Baidu, when there is a certain heat, you will find the keywords ranking rise very quickly.

this is a social platform, if you want to take this one, must do a positioning and planning, step by step.

2 SEM search marketing marketing, that is, we often mention SEO. SEO, this I think we all understand, I also mention it a little

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