Summarizes the network promotion methods today is the most suitable for use of the grass root


(as long as there is love, grass root can counter attack)

network promotion, as the name suggests is the use of the Internet to promote their products. In the Baidu search, a lot of network promotion methods, look carefully, real and practical way is less and less, for the grass root is more less.

in fact, the network can be promoted everywhere, the key is to have a pair of good eyes.

here we analyze several current network promotion method is the most commonly used, if we can comprehend by analogy, I believe you can also become a network to promote the master.

network promotion cannot do without the network platform, according to the different type of platform, we will promote the network the most commonly used methods are divided into three categories: one is to promote the network with high weight platform; one is to promote the network with high traffic platform; the other is high weight and high flow comprehensive promotion platform.

first class: the use of high weight platform for network promotion

we often say that the high weight platform refers to some high weight forum, micro-blog, etc.. For example: Tianya, watercress, Youku, paste, etc.. First look at the use of a high weight platform for network promotion example. For example: in the Baidu search for "Qi Tan 51".


can be found in the home page can be found in the end of the post, interested readers can point to see how other people’s posts are operating.

is looking at an example of the use of Tencent micro-blog operation. Baidu search baby car".


also appeared on the Baidu home page of a Tencent micro-blog baby stroller on the introduction.

through these two examples, we can find that we can use the high weight platform for network promotion, and there are a lot of people are still in operation.

The advantage of

using high weight platform to promote the network is:

1, can quickly improve the ranking of popular words Baidu. For example: popular TV series, popular events, etc.. We can create these popular words related to the long tail word network promotion, combined with high weight platform can quickly get a good ranking.

2, small flow loss. Through the high weight platform to attract the flow loss is small, because we are directly from Baidu to get traffic.

at the same time, the use of high weight platform promotion also has some disadvantages:

1, long running cycle. The use of high weight platform to promote no immediate results, need to spend some time and effort to maintain their own, such as: do the chain, regular updates, etc..

2, high operating risk. May just do the keywords ranking up, it will be deleted, the former >

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