How to be a top SEO

remember at the age of 2004, in Wenzhou, few people would understand SEO, few people will understand search engine optimization, crossed the 2005 threshold, information exchange, personnel flow achievement general development of SEO, many large size of SEOer increased rapidly, but a lot of people with SEO is modified title, keyword, description, URL purification, grasp keyword density, then the whole world is the link, this results in your ranking can go up? Yes, no problem, a keyword is not very popular in this way is also almost can be optimized to the first page, but the results of the 2? A month later, 3 months later, your ranking is still above? The answer is clear, your ranking will decline, on page second, on page tenth, and even can not find.

so what’s a top SEO? What does he do?

first step: data link

a project that will be supported by the boss, first of all is a project that can bring a direct return to the company, and sufficient data support is indispensable. We talk rapidly as Mr. Wang Tong’s, if you do not have the skill, please prepare data.

we generally think that a good health, a large site, its search engine to bring the flow should be accounted for 30%-60% of the overall traffic, if the target web search traffic has accounted for 60%, with "just change the title, static URL, a key word density adjustment of Shimonoseki", apparently unable to reflect the significant SEO the value, not worth mentioning.


, most of the sites I know, this ratio is less than 10%.

so, smart SEO, please do the most basic target site of the most basic data analysis, this will let you do SEO, more confidence!

similarly, we need data to support us to complete the entire SEO project.

second step: technical aspects

here should be the most familiar part of the SEO, modify title, static URL, reasonable layout page, thin HTML tags, and so on and so on.

this part is really so simple? Of course not, if the SEO as a project, people in SEO, rarely is arranged in the role of an engineer, and some large web site code environment is very complex, staff a clear division of labor, you don’t have the power to change, even if there is also, do not have so much energy to the environment is not familiar with the


so, in most cases, in the technical aspects, SEO need is a optimization proposal, this is called the optimization suggestions don’t tube, should be called "SEO development standards", you have to do is, first of all, let the project stakeholders understand the specification, secondly, to promote the ">

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