The use of Alipay game buildings flicker quanqian the rest

When the

version of Alipay out of Guangdong, seemingly still a typhoon.

what’s the benefit of the typhoon


the weather is cool, very cool, unlike now, too hot for people to stand. The bad thing is that it is easy to get things in the sky to fly to the sky.

version Alipay what good


very much, more life, more down to earth. Harm? Chat group, right and proper to the others function of harassment, quanqian opportunity.

tell me about my experience.

When the new version of Alipay

just came out, a friend of Alipay group posted a two-dimensional code on the QQ space, I see, then brush in, want to experience the Alipay group and chat function.

After the

group number of hundreds, the friend then launched a "financial group", which entered the group must first pay, I also brush into the reasons and also want to experience the interesting function of alipay.

brush into the two groups after the trouble to pile up.

first, every day can receive a lot of applications to add friends, of course, I do not know them, click on the data in addition to see the real name of the only reliable information, nothing to see.

where do they come from? From the group one by one to add friends.

I’m curious what they want to play, then one by one point by a few, has not passed, suggesting that "the number of other friends has reached the limit, cannot add, view the number of Alipay’s friends is limited, I don’t know how much.

after that, the real harassment began.

almost every day, every few hours, can receive invitation into the group, these groups, most of which are "financial group", if you open a small free password function, and the habit of love "next" or "agree" button, then congratulations, you have been detained fee.

did you see the group charged?

it does not matter, but also after it, look at the group name, what high-end network group, HD resources sharing"……

and then look at the cost of the group, a few pieces of more than and 10, not expensive ah, plus your curiosity, will not go into the group?

I do not know you, anyway, I will not, the consequences will not be, the same person was invited to the group, several times a day.

let me talk about their specific routines.

no popular Gameplay:

The first step of

, go to Alipay group.

the second step, go after one by one friend.

the third step, copying and imitation, to build their own funds, first set a very low price (a few cents)

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