Video marketing can not be ignored for 9 reasons

China lead: how many people watch the video? According to relevant statistical data, an average of 1.3 Internet users in 1 video users.

these two days, a case of a loss of traditional advertisers in advertising circles sparked heated debate. Data show that in 2013 three fine pharmaceutical expenses 431 million yuan in advertising, but the company achieved net profit attributable to equity shareholders only 6 million 460 thousand, net profit, net 25 million 270 thousand is a fine! High advertising costs, a meager profits. Once the universal AD + meeting scene is not in the traditional mode, advertising seems to be facing the embarrassment of exhaustion.

so, the age of the Internet, advertisers should spend money where? How can the silver shining white does not make sense? If you have to recommend, I recommend you look at the network video. If you have to ask why? Here are 9 reasons why you can convince your boss.

NO.1 every 1.3 users there are 1 video users

how many people in China to see the video? Big data to tell you. According to the China Internet Network Information Center report in early 2014, China currently has 618 million Internet users, of which 470 million of video users. In other words, there are 1.3 Internet users per average of 1 video users. The two most obvious fact is that maybe your TV is full of gray, but you will be exposed to the computer, carry Pad or mobile phone. 5 years ago, you may be sleeping with the TV, but now most people say good night to Pad or cell phone before going to bed.

NO.2 video industry boss covering the number of monthly over Henan province


How much

a mainstream video website "throughput"? IResearch data show that in February 2014, 2013 completed a big acquisition of Iqiyi PPS monthly coverage of 99 million 111 thousand, in the network video industry first, the number is still rising steadily. 99 million 111 thousand what is the concept? According to the 2013 national census data, it is the national population ranked first in Henan Province, the population (96 million 130 thousand) more than nearly 3 million, that is to say you cooperate with Iqiyi for a month, your brand exposure can cover a population of Henan province.

NO.3 headache for KPI to see the contribution rate of the video site


brand exposure is an important role of drainage. So in many network marketing, video site drainage and how? Our dual data center "2013 China Internet development report" shows that the video site for the enterprise flow has increased from Q4 in 2011 from 4% to 10% of Q4 in 2013, beyond the portal (7%) and vertical (8%), become the second large drainage coffee search engine (52%) big second traffic sources. No >

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