Lady Gaga venture companies are bankrupt investment network red need to be cautious

Abstract: burn too fast, mismanagement and internal strife, the result can only lead to useless products.

titanium media note: if not the media exposed Lady Gaga founded the social product has gone bankrupt, many China Internet users haven’t heard this an Internet product! The actress is a founder of the social App, in contrast, China typical network Reds group Taobao stores, independent clothing brand "sellers" it seems more down to earth; and recently sent representatives of the Red Net connotation Papi sauce also obtained financing. So, the network is worth investing in venture capital Red Net venture, in the end do not rely on


this article by the titanium media reference to a number of foreign media reports, compiled from. Joyce/ compiler.

The United States

Lady Gaga star billing now about the first ten big, because the media reported that her company goes bankrupt ".


Lady is one of the nation’s largest network of red! 5 years ago, Lady Gaga founded a Backplane brand and the star fan community, let "like-minded people together by common interests, to this year has finally officially declared bankrupt. According to TechCrunch reports, Lady Gaga startups have been burned up at the beginning of the introduction of $19 million, and has sold assets.

China Red Net economy has recently been fast, they also realized in the red net for, look at the United States there make fans economy star predecessors, can be described as venture bumpy.

however, the good news about Gaga company is to buy Backplane, a group of old and new investors in the next Backplane will attempt to stage a comeback. However, if the soup does not change, the fans will pay it?

was born with a golden key

2010, Apple launched a music social network Ping (although less than two years off the assembly line), Jobs immediately contacted Lady Gaga and her agent Troy Carter, seeking user feedback and comments.

in the Apple Corp’s headquarters in California, Lady Gaga Ping made no secret of their Tucao, questioning its design and other social network openness. Gaga and Carter are particularly worried about the integration of Ping and Facebook is not enough, after leaving the Apple Corp, Carter has come up with a new idea. He called his friend, as a technology investor and entrepreneur Matthew Michelsen, hoping to find a platform across all social networks, easy to manage a large group of fans.

results Michelsen said: "I said, why do you want to find a platform to build their own will not become a."

2011, Backplane attraction >

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