How to popularize the interesting website

now, the domestic Internet tide waves, various new sites emerge in an endless stream more of our attention, in micro-blog, e-commerce, Internet users because they can meet the most basic needs: production and life. Some interesting websites (hereinafter referred to as the fun station) the rise can not be ignored, which includes it interesting, most encyclopedia, I burn network sites such as the number of daily visits to amazing, many netizens brought joy. And advertising effect is also very good, which is worth learning from the experience of the majority of the master.

according to my long unknown careful observation, the first requirement to do a good job on the content is enough to attract people, this is no doubt. You can not say that you do a fun station, there are a lot of life on the content, so certainly not. Netizens are here for fun, not to let you help teach him how to beauty fitness. Remember to follow the content of "no person I have, I have you" principle, so as to be alone, to attract a large number of users. As the user created content of Wikipedia embarrassments, spontaneous, and then attract more users over the crowd. So, UGC behaved in the curious mechanism here most incisive. The user, user maintenance, removal of the domain name of the website server maintenance, webmaster is almost sleight of hand". Content organization, the title is essential, you want to say is the title of the party I do not oppose, this thing we are doing.

second, the form of expression to be novel. Although many people think that the content is king, there is a good content, what other things do not tube. But in the age of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet era, content is important, but more important is, how do you attract readers to read your article, how to let him see the title to continue reading? This involves the user experience of reading problems. Why Wikipedia embarrassments have so many loyal users, why it is interesting to read each article number so high, remove the high quality content, basically is the reading experience. Most of the encyclopedia content display is simple and direct, without landing the user can browse, also does not exist the so-called "open in new window". It is interesting though the article is very long, but its classification is clear, every article of the "title + the + thumbnail" form, users look at also can know about the meaning of. Coupled with a very attractive next to the number of reading, do not look into the point of not willing to ah. Domestic another interesting stand I burn nets is also used a similar approach, but it has become a "tianchai / splashing" form, are essentially the same.

third, actively participate in social sharing. With good content and reading experience, there is no user you are anxious. Where to go to find the user is not very fire micro-blog now, look at the number of fans on Sina micro-blog ranked the top few, basically entertainment. This shows that we like entertainment, fun is fun, but also to help people interested in this station to share the popularity of social mobility, access to traffic, micro-blog. Specific practices are not described here, online tutorials are more relevant, please identify yourself. Recently, Sina, Tencent is not starting to engage in micro-blog open platform, we

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