Blue black skirt or platinum touching the navel are why the fire

girls can touch the navel is a good figure, in mid June, the micro-blog caused many users to participate in and join the crowd, star camp is more spread makes this topic up to "viral".

in late February, the circle of friends is a color "black" and "white" dress scraper, topic originated from an American girl friend is looking at upload photos, black dress she looked at is platinum, odds to let everyone on the assessment network, many users and also contributed to the formation of two "black party party" and "platinum party".

a backhand touch the navel, a black skirt, what the popular Internet


participation threshold low

popular events have always cannot do without the participation of the masses, both black and white gold or blue skirt touching the navel, the threshold is very low, no material without prior preparation, see the news immediately or to participate in overseas, the explosion of red blue black skirt is more than platinum fire abroad, domestic fame, reason is this the naked eye can identify the skirt without any restrictions, a picture of a recognition can be spread throughout the major social circle.

touching navel also, take a second can distinguish whether "touching the navel", and the success of the girls uploaded to

involved need to have a blast point

blue black and white gold skirt is blasting controversial, the picture itself is a controversial obvious: it is because of the different visual discrimination see different colors; touching the navel with two schools: school and camp Hyun abdominal belly worry, the action itself determines the two formation, although the hyperplasia soft the fat man, but obviously many factions are still can not stop the event.

star drive

either skirt or touch the navel event, have gained many stars in focus as entertainment center, the stars are apparently very concerned about the network of popular events, in popular events and touch the navel "skirt faction" is stronger when the stars seem willing to join them, and all the people.

low threshold determines the ease of participation, blasting point determines the want to participate in the participation of the stars and expand the coverage of the event spread…… The viral popular event is generated.

in addition, the Mudanjiang information network ( that, in today’s Internet Society for marketing, there is a force to be reckoned with in the event of fermentation make a contribution: the major brand marketing team.

in a category many times, many products from similar products to talent shows itself, must have a certain "charm" and "marketing ability, and short." almost become the current strategy of "speculation" must yield.

dress is blue black and touching navel brands are speculation must be attached to "hot events", they love this brand.

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