Attract customers back to the site ten small ideas

this year who the most "love", the answer is "netizens"! Isn’t it? Website operators who struggled to design is exquisite and has the affinity of the page, planning interesting and channel development, can learn widely from others’strong points and wonderful easy-to-use functions with, everything is for new users. Because, a little attention, users click of a mouse, at once went to one hundred and eight thousand, ten and a half months is not to your site to take a look. You say, how distressed! Don’t worry about it, I have ten dishes here, ready, so that users try. Although not a meal, some light taste, but don’t underestimate, good use, can help you get back.

information integrity of the home page

do not ignore this, I must remind you to pay attention to. At the top of your home page, you have to tell the viewer: who are you, such as setting "about us" and what your site is doing?. Many sites did not notice this, so many visitors came to the site, because they do not know what is here to do and easy to leave.

slim picture

due to the need for time to download pictures, be sure to compress the picture to lose weight. Unless your site is full of beautiful portrait, otherwise no one will look at a picture and wait for two minutes of valuable Internet time. If you do need to put a lot of pictures, send you two words: compression!

common font

on the Internet, the text spread a lot of information. Seriously deal with the content of the page text and expression, is the first step to show the level of web production. The font used to clean, easy to identify, strange and eccentric or lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy font if long into the reader, but negative. If you want to use the "founder Xingkai" font to enhance the performance of the website, I advise you or don’t do it. Because if you have installed "not using the most users of computer common fonts, such as Arial, italics, bold, in the Internet browser font is not as you design the font display. So, it is best to use the standard font. If you have to use the word art, you have to make them into the map, so that the user will be consistent with the font on your machine design. In addition, the use of the font size should be moderate, the font is too small, difficult to read; font size is too big, the word is too long, break a word the whole feeling, reading is bad.

proper resolution

this is a key link in the production of web pages. Web pages in the end should be made of the size of the current majority of Internet users is the resolution of 800× 600, but there are a few people use 640× 480 of the display and 1024× display of 768. So, you should test your page in different sizes. If you don’t mind a few people to pull the scroll bar to browse the full picture of the page, you can make the size of 800 X600

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