To start a company name to avoid the following three points

Abstract: unless people will be sent to the guillotine, then you are not "revolutionary", there are other bad Street words like "subversive" and "innovation" should also be removed from the list of alternatives on you.


Name and slogan

throughout Asia technology start-ups, it is all sorts of strange things. Every company wants to get the name of the people, so that they can have a unique domain name, but also in the user, the media, investors have a place in mind, I can understand the benefits of the pursuit of originality.

but many startups "originality" is similar to the existing two words to make a meaningless words. I just found a textbook example recently (take your example, sorry): India a real enhancement company named Imaginate, whose slogan is "Technovating reality". (Note: where Imaginate is the imagination imagination and verb suffix -ate binding, Technovating is the technology technology and innovation combined with reality innovating, the company engaged in the real enhancement (augmented reality) related work.

)The problem with this naming method for

is that it makes no sense to produce a hard name. Imaginate what does that mean? What does technovating reality mean? I don’t know. If I hadn’t seen the company on Startup Chile before, I’d have thought you were making fun of me. The name and slogan sounded like it came straight out of HBO’s satirical comedy, Silicon Valley.

however, this approach is very common, such as Imaginate company names and slogans everywhere. Please don’t do that again, it’s not just a little bit of an original, it’s worse, it makes no sense at all.

to compare the "Imaginate:Technovating reality" and "Subway:eat fresh (Subway: fresh delicious now do)". The two companies are a word two word slogan, but the name and slogan of Imaginate did not give me much information, I can see the company with technology, and that their rich imagination and innovation ability, but it is too vague. On the contrary, the Subway trademark told me a lot, from its name and slogan in "eat" can be seen this is a restaurant, fresh reminds me of crisp lettuce and freshly baked bread, these three words are not only clearly tell why is my Subway, but also reminds me of the success appetite.

of course it’s not fair

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