Hengda after winning micro blog marketing

The final round of second match AFC Champions League attraction

November 9, 2013 20 at the start of the really Bukexiaoqu, when the referee blew the final whistle, Hengda won the League AFC Champions League. Before the start of the final # AFC Champions League # topic has many users to participate in the discussion, watching together to write micro-blog together in hot events, all of a sudden the sleeping people began to brush micro-blog.


in November 10th, about two of the AFC Champions League micro topic # #, # AFC Champions League champion Hengda is still in the final # micro-blog micro topic before the five, to participate in the many celebrities for this big event extremely hot, Huang Jianxiang, Lang Ping, Liu Ye, Li Chengpeng, issued the relevant micro-blog.

major companies in Hengda won the championship after the release of micro-blog:


If the

from the time of order, Okamoto micro-blog was released earlier, in the beginning of the game has been released, with the combination of events, with products, with very clever, fueled enthusiasm, were released at 21:51 in the official Durex micro-blog and JustDoit on Hengda win micro-blog, Durex style, color color tonality is full of temptation, many people like to see the general interest, Du Du fun, but it is forwarded to a micro-blog in early October, the progressive comments, while Nike’s JustDoit micro-blog more art fan children, copywriter with good: "you can buy a coach, buy God mate, buy a dream team, but

ambition is priceless!


MINI China and Coca-Cola micro-blog ", also not resigned to playing second fiddle to this event" to the rapid release of the relevant micro-blog, its content down to earth, 5 micro-blog more than it is worth to learn, specifically summarized as follows:

1, prepared in advance: to prepare in advance for hot events, various links may have a different perspective for the sound, the results may also have many choices, I hope the occasion, that will be ready for several programs, different copy;

2: first, the positive energy in some big events, the enterprise should sound administrative micro-blog occasion, must be positive, otherwise the occasion not eclipse the rice is not good;

3, combined with the micro topic: the best combination of micro topic, although the above 5 administrative micro-blog without adding the micro hot topic can also concern and pursuit of friends, this is because the administrative micro-blog itself has a certain influence, but for some small and medium-sized enterprises or new brand, is a good occasion to micro topic the choice of


4, a timely look for Reds boost: good planning and preparing to release on occasion, not passively wait for micro-blog’s hot, you can also find some of the grassroots Reds when forwarding micro-blog share, good content and in the heat of the hot events, attention will be very high.

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