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This is the official website of the SEO

Nairuier promotion plan, through this example the hope can bring some enlightenment to the Webmaster: website address: http://s.www.naturade.com.cn/, the main structure of the basic sound, color collocation is not what problem page. However, the content of the site is relatively monotonous, less number of related links, the overall feeling is not particularly attractive. The solution is to enrich the content of the site as much as possible to provide more free services and interactive features. From the number of search engine working principle of view page related keywords appear is not very reasonable, the page keywords appear too many times and then search engines will be regarded as cheating, too little and not reflect the importance of keywords. So the general ideal method is a page related keywords appear 2-3 times.

combined with the existing structure of the web site and search engine working principle, the following recommendations are proposed:

, the home page and the inside pages can be made to adjust the structure.

1, home directory can be added to set up a message or BBS forum, increase the interaction with the browser, which can improve the site’s two visit rate. 2, add a separate link page, including links and text links can submit two functions. Through the high quality of the exchange links can make the site’s PR worthy of promotion, thereby improving the quality of search engines on the web site included. 3, the company profile page can increase the relevant instructions, can better promote the company’s corporate culture and improve the quality of the page. 4, review page in the name of the picture not to digital display, it will make people feel a little amateur, can choose "Nairuier" as the name of the picture or other representative description phrases, keywords equivalent set in the page. 5, add a site map page, site map is a web site all links to the container. It provides food for all search engine programs. The site map should include the contents of the main page of the site link or column links. According to the size of the site, the number of pages, it can link some of the main or all of the column page. This means that a search engine program but get your site map page, it can access all the web pages and provide sites on the map, which will greatly improve the search engine on the web page collection of speed.

two, keyword settings


site meta tag keyword include: Nairuier brand show slim breast beauty salons breast health care. These are some relatively popular search keywords, but the site is still in a stage of promotion, should from some popular or semi popular keywords begins, when the site reaches a certain flow again for some popular keywords set up and promotion. 2, can be added with the geographical name of keywords, such as Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Guangzhou Nairuier beauty regimen, these words will be easier to start. 3, the website title (title) can be modified,

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