Look at the network marketing promotion from Tencent 360 Wars

Tencent 360 war staged in full swing, the outcome we aside, Zhou Hongyi has reached the goal obviously.

360 in such a short period of time, access to such a high degree of public concern, attracted the attention of countless people, itself has been a great success.

is arguably the 360 strength and Tencent do not belong to the same grade, but the network marketing genius of Zhou Hongyi and the users in mind the insight and control, and in the big brother in China did not strive, but let Ma Huateng "very depressed"! From this point of view, the network marketing ability Ma Huateng Zhou Hongyi is obviously better.

is not the merits of this article discuss the problem of legality is not our concern, I want to say is, as a network marketing practitioners, we can learn from this to get what kind of inspiration in the war, what we need to learn from? This is worthy of our deep thinking place.

Zhou Hongyi had 3721, known as the "originator" rogue software, was a great success. Whether it is today’s 360 or yesterday’s 3721, there is a common feature between the two products – different. This is the basis for the success of Zhou Hongyi, if he started with Baidu confrontation and search directly or face a powerful QQ Empire, the results can be imagined. But Zhou Hongyi knows this truth, as he himself said: "the sword of the slant".

second successful point is what is the customer needs!

if there is no customer demand, and then no one else is willing to use a unique product. 360 in such a short period of time to get so many users, itself shows that its products are welcome by the majority of Internet users, Internet users in a way to solve common problems need to be solved, such as antivirus 360 free mode, a computer 360 security guards maintenance. For do not want to spend money on antivirus in the Lord and do not understand the computer such as ordinary users apparently rain. Zhou Hongyi only saw the commercial space that other people could not see, or did what others wanted to do and did not want to do. It’s that simple!

is there any other reason?! the third key factors for success are Zhou Hongyi’s ability to control public opinion and his grasp of the general public. You can read about it a few days to Tencent and 360 executives on both sides of the conversation and the media, it is not difficult to find, every time Zhou Hongyi’s statements are very appealing and confused, the 360 operation means of software also like Zhou Hongyi’s character, attractive and concealment. Thus it can grasp the accuracy of Internet users in mind. Without this ability, imagine if the Tencent once strangling 360 is bound to defeat. The current view, Baidu, Jinshan caused the encirclement of the 360, at present can only rely on the support of the majority of Internet users! And this support is the most valuable, especially in such difficult circumstances. Zhou Hongyi’s opinion

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