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Figure 9


Google family always follow the trend of the times, now all kinds of equipment is very popular, Google offers a variety of digital private mobile device, including mobile phone, palmtop computer and other digital products Google search service site. You can view the network of such products in the operating instructions, performance, pictures, etc.. But to get wireless services also need to support wireless network information providers, the domestic service in this area has not yet opened.
search for answersFigure 10:

in many cases we can directly search through Google to most of the questions, for example, if you want to know the world’s deepest trench how deep in the Google search box enter the " directly in the world; " second, you can find the standard answer. But what if you want Google to tell you how to solve an equation? Now, the search for answers, this problem would be nothing difficult, Google provides the search for answers can help you find most of the answers. Google claims that signed up more than 500 proficient in network search researcher, 24 hours waiting for any of your questions, but this service must pay a fee (a $2.5), which is the Google search in the family only need to pay to enjoy the member service.
search termsFigure 11

has the term search function provided by Google, and you will never feel a headache because you don’t know some English abbreviations. You can use "define: proper nouns" to find their definitions. The search term is itself a check of English words, phrases and abbreviations of semantic tools, as long as you input a citation for, you can get English abbreviation, but a English for search results may be a large number of English full out corresponding, for example we can also ADSL for having heard it many times in several different the result, must have enough sense. (this feature has been embedded into the Google page, do not need a professional page)

Figure 12

search allows you to get the answer keywords adjacent


related search is actually to help you will be the same search keywords into a category, and then add the contents of the feedback to you refer to a function, extremely intelligent. For example, suppose you are in the search box in turn enter the Microsoft, Linux, Mac (operating system) these key words, and then choose to click on the following Large Set button (show more content) or Smal>

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