Alibaba’s attempt to set up enterprises

we are in an era of rapid development of the Internet, however, China’s enterprise website construction is still in a state of lag. It is said that more than fifty percent of the companies do not have their own website. The development of the Internet more and more quickly, many enterprises have realized the importance of enterprise website today, and the cost of the construction site is more and more low, so enterprises blossom everywhere. So we have to mention the recent rapid development of Alibaba.

in 08 years, CN domain name has become the price of cabbage. Alibaba launched the enterprise to send a domain name service. As the world’s largest Internet e-commerce service providers, Alibaba to improve the enterprise site service (claiming to be intelligent enterprise site system) to make a large enterprise located in Alibaba. What are the characteristics of the intelligent building system of Alibaba, of course, is a free site service, attracting the attention of many companies, many companies hold the water to test the state of mind in Alibaba. Alibaba and the realization of intelligent, making the site is very simple. Followed by Alibaba’s good e-commerce background. The last is the perfect template Alibaba, counting system is excellent and free.

this is the Alibaba’s attempt, from 08 years to date, Alibaba’s corporate website continues to increase, has become the boss of the B2B on the internet. Alibaba enterprise site model was successful. However, although there are some inevitable shortcomings Alibaba site. First, the site on the Alibaba, making SEO little effect, the site is not high weight. Secondly, even if the Alibaba template rich, but it is still not easy to do some changes, making the enterprise site relatively fixed single, no new ideas, add some programs can not be achieved. The last part of the enterprise will be considered to stand alone, after all, the construction of a corporate website does not require too much investment, and so they found a lot of benefits stand alone, may give up Alibaba.

anyway, Alibaba free strategy has been a huge success. Low cost Internet solutions may be a trend.

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