Accelerate the layout of the supply chain easily fresh 24 million investment in Singapore food comp

upstream supply chain competition intensified.


Singapore health food company SunMoon

recently announced that it has received a $24 million investment in the electricity supplier to Chinese fresh fruit, and to share the price of 4.5, placing 333 million 300 thousand shares for easy fruit, easy fruit will have a 51% stake in the company.

SunMoon was founded in 1977, with fruit cultivation, processing and storage facilities, and collect products around the world and distributed to Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East, India and the United states. It is reported that the cooperation with 157 suppliers, trading around 100, Vegetable & Fruit nuts, fruit juices and other products, has 11000 sales outlets, a total of 1019 employees.


in the world for various regions of different consumers choose goods, and supplier selection, procurement time, price, quality control, delivery time belongs to fresh electricity supplier supply chain problem, easy fruit in October 2015 has become SunMoon customers, the investment should strengthen the ability of the supply chain.

has launched fresh easy fruit pool in the first half of the year, the customer, system, data, supply chain to share upstream partners, hoping in each category there are professional supplier to build a platform, is essential for the rapid expansion of SKU and shorten the value of the transmission link, and the choice of investment suppliers in the short term make the effect more remarkable.

SunMoon had previously listed on the main board of Singapore, its 2015 total revenue of about $1409 (about 68 million 360 thousand yuan), gross profit and net profit was about $103 (about 5 million yuan), -210 (about $-1019 million yuan); as of June 30, 2016, the company’s total revenue of about $787 in the first half (about 38 million 190 thousand yuan), net loss of about $240 (about 11 million 650 thousand yuan). Its revenue is declining in recent years.


investment means that fresh fresh fruit has been extended from the sales channels to the product supply, presumably fresh industry in the upstream supply chain competition will be intensified.