Double 12 drill why RO will be higher than the double 11

double 12 is a big promotion activities for the store, so many Tmall store attention is not enough, expectations are not high, that the day’s sales as long as the daily 3-5 times have been OK. The official because the store did not pay commission market, so it is just a perfunctory look, look like, so the store can get the official support of the market is not much. The double 11 the same day, the main flow of the official gave the big seller, that is, the flow of the venue accounted for the vast majority, will lead to the cost of the cost of the promotion of nearly ten times.

analysis of the experience of the past 12, double click cost is only equivalent to about 2 times the usual, but the conversion rate could be 3-4 times daily, therefore, from the perspective of economics, the value of running is greater than 11.

from the overall rhythm of the promotion, the double 11 warm-up period to be shorter than the double 11, basically from the beginning of December 8th to preheat almost.

and 12 after the end of the activities to extend the day is enough, that is, to maintain a certain budget in December 13th to promote the December 14th budget in accordance with the usual to do it. There will be no significant decline.

from the aspects of the preparation of the material according to the double 11 or is usually on the click rate is high, the local adjustment after delivery, the risk is minimal, can guarantee a good click rate. In addition, you can also do a new set of ideas as an alternative, that is, there are two sets of materials can be used, then it will not appear uncontrollable phenomenon.

11 because the double click cost is more than double the 11 low, but ROI is higher than 11, but the short duration of about half, so from the budget can focus on these days running, because competition is not so fierce, should be higher than the cost of the double 11 is entirely possible.



from the above data can be learned that last year is precisely because of a good grasp of the rhythm of the promotion of double 12, so the overall effect is more ideal.

again from this year’s data analysis:


By 2014 11 of the double

curve can be seen, from November 1st to November 11th, the average ROI industry the highest value in November 3rd, only 1.44, and double 11 day ROI is only 0.35, the lowest one day, mainly because the price is too high to click, click on the double 11 day average price for the 4.04 industry yuan.


and 2014 12 double curve can be seen, from December 1st to December 12th, the industry ROI>