Phone4 is not the only straw to save China’s 3G

Apple Corp as petty favorite Digital Corporation, consistent with its service and leading personalized digital products excellent commendable, whether MP3, computer or mobile phone, is always out of the ordinary, but people sought.

today, along with the iPhone4 itself in the world currently hot, China Unicom also take this opportunity to quickly introduced iPhone4, its purpose is to draw natural obviously, now 3G of high-end users, but the effect is quite obvious, after all, iPhone4 itself is very good, with excellent WCDMA network of China Unicom double, temptation, many users have abandoned the old brother move, and switch to the embrace of China unicom.

, China Mobile has since not resigned to playing second fiddle to iPhone4, feel the threat posed by the operator through the iPhone4 to draw the user battle is like a raging fire started.

now, Beijing mobile rushed out iPhone4 special cards are already available in the market, Beijing mobile business hall 13 is the first to provide so-called card replacement services, Shandong mobile unwilling thereafter, has also launched a so-called global user through calls to iPhone mobile phone to send promotional activities. Thus, the positive interaction between mobile and China Unicom officially opened, and media reports said, CDMA version of the iPhone will also be available on the market. At that time, the whole three 3G operators, then iPhone will more intense evil in a situation of tripartite confrontation.

in fact, operators iPhone4 is so keen, ulterior motives, their real purpose is to expand its business by iPhone4 3G for high-end users, after all, now the 3G license has been issued more than a year has passed, but the number of domestic 3G users is only 25 million 200 thousand of the number of the but there is still a big gap in the initial expectations. In order to improve this situation, China Unicom also timely to move out of the iPhone4 the savior.

we know that iPhone4 only through the WCDMA network to achieve Unicom’s perfect combination, therefore, has been in a weak position of the Chinese Unicom, the number of 3G users now can achieve steady growth, have to say, iPhone4 has pulled China Unicom 3G users contribution is great, while China Mobile is also aware of this a little, it will borrow iPhone4’s hand against Chinese Unicom, put forward the marketing strategy of iPhone4.

After all, only

mobile also has a iPhone4, it can make up for the weakness of the TD network, thereby increasing competition between the high-end 3G and China Unicom users of power, and the future will be listed on the telecom 3G version of iPhone4, a tool is naturally responded with great hope for high-end Telecom 3G users.

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