Making shoes first B2M electronic commerce mode

I will analyze the shoes through the depth of the network B2M mode operation strategy, so that we can understand how the site in a short period of time to bring millions of members of the crazy growth method.

on the B2M, even if you do not understand in May, in fact, not only domestic making shoes by this model, a lot of capital chain lack of Internet companies are not the same. Using this method, the author is good, let us understand the cause of B2M, let everyone know some essence of B2M mode.

B2M definition:

B2M refers to Business to Manager, abbreviated B2M. Before explaining B2M, we need to understand what is B2B, B2C, C2C e-commerce model.

B2B refers to the Business to Business.

as in businesses doing business with other businesses, the business (or enterprise) of the e-commerce businesses, exchange between enterprise and enterprise through the Internet products, services and information. Popular parlance refers to the supply and demand of e-commerce transactions are both businesses (or enterprises, companies), she (he) who use the Internet technology or a variety of business network platform to complete the process of business transactions. These processes include: supply and demand information, order and confirm the order, payment process and the issuance, transmission and reception, determine the distribution plan and monitor the distribution process, etc.. Sometimes B to B, but easy to simply use its homonym (2 B2B to).

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B2C that is business to customer

B2C mode is the earliest e-commerce mode in our country, which is the symbol of the 8848 online mall. B2C is the enterprise through the Internet to provide consumers with a new shopping environment – online stores, consumers through the network shopping online, online payment. Because this model saves time and space for customers and businesses, greatly improving the efficiency of the transaction, especially for busy office workers, this model can save valuable time.

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