nternational domain name is about to rise

yesterday received a domain name service provider China channel (35 Internet) the mail, mail is sent to the mail agent, said the U.S. domain name registration bureau of price adjustment, Chinese channel will adjust the price of international domain name registration at the end of September, it is expected that each domain will go up 4 yuan / month / year, and recommended to the user in advance renewal for many years, one-time renewal in order to save money.

immediately to the search engine to search for the international domain name price, found not only the Chinese channel, a lot of other domain name registrar users, but also reflect the domain name has received notice of price increases.

this is not the first time the price increases, in 2007 of October, the international domain name has been the price once, when the price of 5 yuan per domain.

seems that the Yankees control the domain name, he wants to rise up. No wonder Americans have been holding the international domain name management.