The construction of steel steel net and the realization of the three ports of steel ecosystem

The background of

in overcapacity, weak demand, in dire straits in iron and steel, coal and other commodities industry. With the rapid upgrading of the Internet industry, as well-known investor Xiong Xiaoge said, B2B is expected to emerge in the field of the next generation BAT. The eye to identify the investment outlet, B2B highly sought after areas. In the air, the steel sector has also appeared in a number of new vertical B2B electronic business platform. The latest data show that the electricity supplier of steel sales penetration has been close to 15% to 20%, iron and steel electricity supplier showing a rapid development trend. Due to the huge potential of the steel industry market, broad prospects, differentiated business models and positioning, the major iron and steel electronic business platform leading.


The electricity supplier of steel steel net

to the first landing three new board as an example, the "build strong steel electricity supplier fourth party service platform", "Internet plus mills" Internet plus terminal "Internet plus users" strategy in three steps, planning a comprehensive open entrance, wildly beating gongs and drums, export interface, high-speed ahead in the construction of iron and steel industry the ecological circle on the road.

entrance: the integration of iron and steel industry upstream supply, to achieve "Internet plus mills"

it is reported that in March 20, 2015, steel net and the background of state-owned enterprises in Hangzhou iron and steel Limited by Share Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement, follow-up and exclusion set by the Shougang shares, opened a "pathway Internet plus mills", successfully taking the open "entrance" pace.

steel net as the "Internet plus mills" innovation practitioners, and work together to build Hangzhou Iron and Steel shares model, and then to Shougang shares, this model will be copied to the line or more mills, realize the integration of upstream production enterprises, to achieve effective coordination of supply resource effect. Iron and steel electricity supplier to join hands with steel mills, steel mills can effectively help expand information and sales channels, to help simplify the trading of the main trade links, upgrade the supply chain services, and even provide financial value-added services. In addition, based on large steel electricity supplier precipitation data, the follow-up may be forced to upgrade the upstream iron and steel production enterprises, to promote the development of lean production, steel mills to help quickly iteration, based on the real needs of product upgrades and innovation.


: open up the export industry downstream steel demand, the realization of "Internet plus terminal"

It is reported that in August 3, 2015, China Railway

, Wumao senior leadership visited steel net. This is a steel or steel net through the downstream "export", "open another important measure to upgrade Internet plus terminal strategy. The terminal enterprises represented by China Railway Wumao, every year has a strong demand for iron and steel materials procurement, if the terminal selection as the electricity supplier of steel procurement channels, will promote the steel trading significantly enhance the efficiency of. It is reported that the steel steel network and built, China, water and other large terminals have a close cooperation, joint terminal steel companies, the integration of the downstream needs of the industry, or for steel steel mesh exquisite strategic layout.