United States online crazy hit billion electricity supplier platform to open the user market competi

Ali, Jingdong have been listed, with the introduction of the new consumer law, is that the electricity supplier in the field of competition becomes relatively rational, based on profit based on the consumer price, is a test of the level of the overall operation of the business enterprise management and the ability of goods.

September 22nd, Gome online joint Minsheng Bank, China Merchants Bank, WeChat and other payment partners held in Beijing on the theme "witness billion miracle" in the United States online ticket release ceremony intended to cool, through the sale of the total value of nearly billion in cool coupons, let millions of consumers to enjoy multiple benefits on the basis of existing Gome online, and then enjoy a discount of 3%.

obviously, under the common business platform loss or less profit in the background, the United States online products generally lower and lower 3% behavior, raised the business enterprise strength of no.. Analysts said, this is not a simple price, a simple price behind the test of the overall operation of the enterprise level."

from the United States online insiders told this reporter, with the help of the supply chain, logistics, information systems for many years of accumulation, the United States currently in the online operation of the incomparable advantages of low cost. Logistics costs alone, for example, the current state of the United States online logistics costs have dropped to 2%, while the data disclosed by Jingdong is about 5.5%." And this ratio, it is the United States can further reduce the price of space.

the price, Gome online competition at the user market, analysts pointed out that the country issuing billions of cool, is expected to help the United States online recruitment to millions of new members, in the "customer first" of the Internet era, the United States online move will undoubtedly become the Jingdong listed, Ali, another major event of electric business.

Gome online open user market battle

for the core competitiveness of the business platform Mou Guixian pointed out that "PK is the main business platform between the two points, one is the background of the commodity procurement integration capability, it is about the ability to integrate the supply chain; the second is the consumer service ability and obtain user ability, such as consumers in the same to you the line of stores do not buy things at you buy online, go to the existing business from these two points, you can see its future competitiveness."

just two months ago, Gome President Wang Junzhou has publicly said, "the integration of the supply chain system of Gome online line has been basically completed, after this, the entire supply chain Gome group can be used as a powerful support of Gome online, and the main task of the United States online is also in front of the consumer level Kung Fu, create more members, traffic and consumption."

there is no doubt that China cool billion behind coupons "issued before marking the United States online has blew into the user market chongfenghao, here, Mou Guixian has more than once said," the United States online in recent years has been low-key, because our background has not been built perfect, in this case >