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buyers taobao.com to sellers of ineffective supervision / morning news reporter Zhang Jiaqi

in order to give the newly married wife a romantic, Mr. Yang in Taobao net name as the official website of the overseas holiday tour shop to buy a foreign travel products, spent nearly 100 thousand yuan. Unexpectedly, a pedestrian arrived in Maldives but found no hotel to live, there is no arrangement for the trip. In desperation, Mr. Yang had to find a temporary local travel agency, and spent 120 thousand yuan.

had arranged a refund, the travel agency through WeChat issued a "reconciliation agreement", is no longer news.


, taobao.com said, consumers are affected by the seller in advance to confirm receipt, induction, already violated the platform trading rules, so will lead to the seller Juankuan contact, and rights difficulties. Moreover, the seller’s alleged fraud behavior, it is recommended that consumers report, Taobao will fully cooperate with the investigation.

"unscrupulous sellers" money does not work in

October 12th, Mr. Yang in the overseas tour website "worth 95800 yuan to buy the Maldives male +AKV hotel 6 days 5 nights free travel products, travel from Kunming in October 21st to take Chinese Eastern Airlines Flight 334, October 22nd from the male seaplane ride to AKV island hotel. October 26th Islands return.

"at the seller’s request, we paid the full amount. Because sellers have repeatedly stressed that if we do not pay, they can not book the destination hotel." Mr. Yang said, the entire transaction is Beijing Youth Travel Agency Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Beijing CYTS) Chaoyang Dawanglu business department Customer Service Manager Gao and his butt, Gao also repeatedly confirmed that the tourism product is Beijing cyts.

October 21st, Mr. Yang and his new wife, Ms. Tang and photographers, stylists and a line of 4 people excitedly left, they went to the male, the purpose of this trip is to shoot the wedding.

"sweet. The plane came." Mr. Yang said, they arrived at the Male Airport, the airport staff found, the seller set the hotel unexpectedly, hotel staff told, they set the hotel without payment. After the hotel that Mr. Yang and other payment, to be taken to the hotel. "We was destroyed, it has 12 days to the travel agency to pay, why after 10 days, haven’t we booked the hotel?" Mr. Yang et al had told a high and Beijing CYTS manager Peter.

and WeChat through repeated international long-distance communication, Mr Yang, after waiting for 4 hours, Beijing CYTS told, "you first find a male in the hotel night, second days to arrange on AKV island". Mr Yang, helpless, had to spend their own money in male look for a hotel stay.

heavy travel agency travel

in the early morning of October 22nd, Mr. Yang et al