Amazon quietly in the implementation of slow delivery service 4 7 days delivery discount 3 yuan

morning news in June this year, Amazon e-commerce enterprise (micro-blog) China quietly launched in Shanghai "slow delivery service", if users buy Amazon’s proprietary product over the amount of 99 yuan, can choose "4-7 day delivery service, can also enjoy up by 3 yuan discount. The company said that the launch of "4-7 day delivery" is mainly for the price sensitive customer based on the consideration, but also the industry that summer, business enterprise and courier companies generally face high temperature and pressure distribution to the thunderstorm, the implementation of "slow delivery" to help decompress themselves. Freight can be more cost-effective than free." Amazon China revealed that the current slow delivery service only in Shanghai (except Chongming) and some parts of Harbin opened. But this service is limited to the purchase of Amazon’s proprietary product, delivery time will be up to 4-7 days, compared to the company launched the "day" and "next day" service delivery speed greatly slowed down.

at present, the vast majority of e-commerce companies are in the pursuit of the speed of express, and strive to be able to use the goods faster than competitors to the hands of customers. Online shopping is mostly impulsive consumption, if you choose 4-7 days of delivery, the customer is very easy to change the purchase intention in these days." Yesterday, China Express Consulting chief consultant Xu Yong told reporters that this is why the vast majority of electricity supplier companies choose the first time the reasons for the distribution of goods. Unless the price of goods is particularly competitive, otherwise, a long time distribution is easy to cause a higher rate of return." He said that the business enterprise tries to use this policy to divide the target population, because the analysis seems relatively long time distribution policy for specific groups of students, not very attractive for white-collar workers, so the concrete results of this policy remains to be seen.