O2O Dining hungry blind expansion of the neglect of customer experience

O2O has been catering to the time off take cities and seize territory, the war hungry began frantically expansion after got D round of investment, the expansion of employees from 200 to more than 2000 people, of which the ground staff of more than 1500 people, the equivalent of 3 Standard Army regiment. To capture the city from 20 close to 200. And it took only less than a year. Even more than you can imagine is that the United States has been involved in the war, but also in the same way. The Department of the electricity supplier business network world clear edit pass Yu, the following is the full text:

is probably the beginning of 2014 in September, the occasion of the opening of the country’s college, it is the beginning of the crazy crazy expansion, and the expansion of capital is to get the latest $80 million financing. Overnight, it seems that the country’s colleges and universities have been included in the territory of the hungry, the attendant problems are endless, because the expansion of the preparatory work is not sufficient, resulting in late problems. One of the most important aspect is to ignore the customer experience.

hungry behavior it can successfully nouveau riche crazy expansion reason is willful, around the university students continue to spread with hungry 2 yuan 3 yuan will be able to order a takeaway as long as the original 6-10 yuan. Then send the money on the behavior of the nouveau riche has finally attracted the attention of the majority of students, the influx of hungry. This is the result of the blind expansion of the server congestion, system upgrades, customer service is always in the state of not online, etc..

Xiao Bian had been aware of a hungry user, because after a thing on his cell phone has never appeared hungry this APP. When the students used the hungry meal, but after 10 minutes of the online payment system has not been confirmed, because students generally do not love school over the weekend to go out to eat breakfast, so hungry anxiously waiting for the order, the situation appears obviously makes him very impatient. So he called the restaurant and the restaurant said it had not received the order. The students on the fire, his payment will prove that this order does not exist, so he dialed the hungry 400 headquarters phone, but he was disappointed that the phone has been unable to answer the state. In fact, such a thing should be regarded as a very small thing, almost no one will notice too many people. But it is inevitable there will be problems, customer call just because of their anxiety, the fear of payment will be ignored this order, but this time the customer service phone and call out, it is easy to arouse the anger of customers. Originally wanted to find a solution or seek psychological comfort, the results are not able to get through the phone. This is a product of the customer experience is absolutely very bad.

small make up for this campus also randomly interviewed 10 students. Ask them what they’re hungry for. The interview shows that almost all of the people all love hungry this money, but when asked of the service, in addition to 3 people do not dial the customer service phone, are consistent with the answer other dial customer service phone no dial by hungry customer service phone. Of course, this data may not be very accurate