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electricity supplier to the countryside has become a wave of surging wave of the current Internet era background, and this wave is driving the direction of China’s rural market-oriented. The traditional rural market basically is very difficult and the market together, the closed environment of agricultural production and sale of goods channels, backward thinking consciousness and the scarcity of business rules, let rural almost become the market in the process has always been difficult to be concerned about regional. E-commerce to the countryside, so that the countryside has a possibility to participate in the process of marketization, a very important form of rural electricity supplier retail is rising. More noteworthy is that with the rise of rural electricity supplier retail, the development of rural finance has also shown new features.


compared to the majority of our city retail industry has been in a very high level, the development of rural retail industry has stagnated, it can be said that rural retail is always in a state of non vacuum market, but its potential can not be ignored, China half population scattered in the vast rural areas, however rural retail sales of consumer goods accounted for the total retail sales of social consumer goods is less than 20%, the potential is huge. Therefore, the state provides a series of support for the development of rural areas. For example, from the beginning of 2005, the relevant state ministries continue to increase rural market policy support, and has introduced a series of measures to support positions, such as the "ten thousand villages market project", the "double hundred project", household appliances to the countryside, the new rural construction, business support and so on, are directly or indirectly promoted the development of rural areas the retail market, and promote the rural retail market continues toward the direction of the market.

in recent years, especially in the countryside of e-commerce, the development of rural retail market is showing a very vigorous development trend, the main reason is: the rural small-scale retailers, retail market to the grocery store, store the individual business with a small capital, the low level of the retail market, the distribution is very scattered, commodity the quality is not high. The lower the threshold of the electricity supplier, the operation is more flexible, the cost of operating the electricity supplier is not high, in this case, the retail market to some extent and the electricity supplier to achieve a marriage.

current rural electricity supplier to a large extent, retail is represented by the online shopping model, many farmers electricity supplier concept is basically the same view. The success of online shopping to a large extent depends on whether it can form a brand. Brand as a representative of the market in the context of the transaction, in rural areas are constantly relying on electricity providers to build up. However, the fragmented and scattered small-scale peasant economy is difficult to achieve the goal of brand building, we must rely on financial support. For a kind of agricultural products, invested thirty thousand yuan and invested $three million to form a brand effect is quite different, do electricity supplier is essentially a good brand. Then, the financial nature of the electricity supplier has become a good thing to be considered in the process of the object, which is a complementary process. So, to some extent, rural electricity supplier retail market Hing >