WeChat paid or unveiled in August 5th with Alipay and hutch

speed transit network July 19th news today at 19 points, China micro-blog WeChat 5 has been renamed broke through Apple’s official audit, will be officially launched in August 5th. Side of the money paid to speed transit network that has not yet launched a timetable.

source China renamed micro-blog

previously, WeChat assistant general manager Zeng Ming said WeChat will launch 5 versions of WeChat payment function, while Tencent that pass to the speed transit network revealed mobile QQ payment and WeChat will pay at the same time, there is no time. Speed transit network to confirm that the mobile QQ payment launch time, the other said it will soon launch.


payments in the third party, with WeChat payment and mobile QQ payment zuobangyoubi, caifutong will act as ferocious pursuers. In addition to the payment, caifutong also have the layout, Internet banking on the day before, caifutong general manager Lai Zhiming said, caifutong will cooperate with the bank and fund companies to launch class balance treasure products, mainly in the initial currency, bonds and other products.

in fact, WeChat will launch in the confirmation of payment, Alipay also accelerated the pace of opening up, access to the application center, open account system.

investment analyst Lu business that Alipay Access Application Center, is essentially the competition for mobile Internet entrance, to attract users and developers, Alipay has the advantage, but also to be seen whether the force of course, after all, Alipay is paid from the entrance to the early adopters.

Lu Shang also pointed out that WeChat mobile payment and QQ payment of the essence or caifutong payment will expand caifutong strength, expand market share, and Alipay and payment market. In addition, after the balance treasure launch, Internet banking has become a traditional fund aimed at new markets. (the Yellow River)