Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing 98% book suppliers will participate in promotional


CEO Li Guoqing dangdang.com (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Technology (Zhang Sanqian) recently, in the event of Dangdang stationed Tmall, Dangdang CEO, said Li Guoqing, the daily necessities of the settled, home textiles products need Tmall’s visibility, traffic. Tmall does not weaken Dangdang itself. On the contrary, the electricity supplier has arrived in winter, cooperation is Dangdang future strategy.

understands the reluctance of publishers

dangdang.com year book four times Daqing, Rangli rate most is the anniversary. At the end of October, more dangdang.com said Dangdang book suppliers, require the supplier must participate in November 9th the anniversary promotion, and to take some promotional costs.

at that time, there have been Shanghai Century Publishing Group, Science Press, Beijing, Westview press, often become the Cultural Development Co. Ltd. and other four publishing houses because they do not meet the promotional activities by dangdang.com shelves of books of discipline.

on dangdang.com and booksellers contradictions, Li Guoqing responded that has persuaded the reluctant to participate in the press. In the future we will find more ways of life, children’s book, these books more discount, really drive sales, publishers are also happy. These are reluctant to be very professional book, how much discount you play, he does not discount, it sold so much. So some of this reluctance. This time, dangdang.com 98% suppliers in press, and none other than the year before last year, also.

Li Guoqing said at the same time, said the understanding of Uncompliance none of the press. Like life, children’s classes, novels, these discounts can really pull sales, publishing community happy." He said, professional books are different, the impact of discount on sales is not large, publishers reluctant."

stationed in Tmall due to large traffic

after the end of October, Dangdang official stationed in Tmall, the flagship store in the form of the books, general merchandise is equal to the platform for the sale of. For Dangdang stationed Tmall will contribute to its forces, weakening Dangdang itself questioned, Li Guoqing responded that, as long as there is a good flow, inverted water is much cheaper than advertising."

Li Guoqing explained that the occupancy is my daily necessities, Yun Yingtong, daily necessities, home textiles, these I need Tmall help. Tmall through the internal struggle, Tmall is indeed clean up fakes. Tmall is a lot of businesses from Dangdang purchase, his fake clean up, I should go in.

cooperation with the platform into the future strategy

Dangdang settled Tmall I put forward. I said that as long as there is a good flow, we have to facilitate the customer, we have more intersection to the water, but also cheaper than the advertising costs." Li Guoqing said.

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