Electricity supplier observers Yan Chen fresh category why cited public electricity supplier Jingshe

said fresh electricity supplier, logistics cost, price sensitivity and quality requirements of the "three high" problems. Some people can not help but ask, barriers so high, why are so frequent business action? There is flooding after the red sea blue ocean, a new round of "fighting". We see the Jingdong on fresh electricity supplier strategy to speed up, other business enterprise is not idle, I bought the network, Amazon, Tmall, shop No. 1…… Fresh online channels, Alibaba’s cold chain logistics has also started. Since last year, why do you want to lure the enthusiasm of the electricity supplier category enthusiasm behind, we should think about what it’s fatal point and where?

fresh category why seduce electricity supplier enthusiasm

fresh market size, but the amount of online transactions is minimal, huge imagination. China Food Industry Association released data show that in 2012 the food industry output value of about 10 trillion, if the permeability of accounting for 10% of the entire food industry, the business scale will exceed trillion, had reported "in 2010 China’s entry into circulation entity of agricultural and sideline products total value is 2 trillion and 240 billion".

health consumption demand continues to expand. Fresh electricity supplier is the main consumer groups is the pursuit of quality of life of people, partial younger, the way the network is easy to accept. At the same time, a food safety problem on the color change, more and more people are advocating healthy fresh food, fruits and vegetables not pesticides without fertilizer, egg meat hope Tujia backyard, at the same time, with the continuous improvement of living standards, the traditional grain consumption in reduced year by year, and the demand for fruits and vegetables, meat and egg are increased year by year, which laid the sustainable development conditions for fresh electricity market.

policy support, this year, the central one document stressed the importance of the development of agricultural products online transactions, chain distribution and farmers shop. Encourage industrial and commercial capital investment in rural areas, these policies will greatly promote the continuous upgrading of the agricultural industry structure. Can be predicted that in the future there will be more capital, personnel input agriculture, whether planting or breeding, new farmers or new subject preferred sales channels is still around network, there are more and more "family farm", relying on taobao.com or self built sales network marketing from product family, taobao.com also plans to build 31 provinces of agriculture the product Museum, these changes are actively promoting the development of the industry.

supply chain opportunities or a stumbling block

at present, fresh areas of participant types can be roughly divided into the following categories: a large online shopping platform in order to find new growth points of interest, such as Jingdong, Taobao, Amazon, shop No. 1; with the powerful storage and distribution background, while trying to transition the logistics companies involved in the field of electricity providers, such as SF preferred; focus fresh food vertical electric providers, such as Tootoo, excellent dish network.

fresh focus on a "fresh" word, which is inseparable from the supply chain support. In addition, the limitations of localization, as well as the first tier cities market capacity is also a problem can not be ignored. As early as 2008, fresh online shopping has been >