Jingdong announced that the electricity supplier business integration program bigger C2C

March 26th, Jingdong and Tencent electricity supplier business announced future organization and employee integration program, the specific situation is as follows:

1 easy to operate as an independent brand. Yi Xun will be in the field of logistics and supply chain integration with Jingdong to explore the business model of electronic business platform.

2 pat continue to focus on C2C business, Jingdong will focus on the allocation of resources.

3.QQ online shopping into Jingdong POP open platform.

4 Jingdong will be set up in Shanghai and Shenzhen, respectively, wireless R & D center and mobile division, combined with WeChat and mobile phone, focusing on exploring mobile providers.

5 Jingdong and Tencent’s strategic cooperation will not lay off, Jingdong made to ensure that employment, ensure that wages are not reduced, the integration period to maintain the status quo unchanged, the three commitments.

6 fast and easy transfer Jingdong employees will get N+1 layoff compensation. In addition, all confirmed by the Jingdong to sign a new labor contract and the students also enjoy the equivalent of 5 times the salary of the retention bonus (within a year and a half of installment payment).

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