A group of people are making the black five into the next double eleven

when the domestic consumer habits most still remain in Taobao, Jingdong, vip.com, this group of cross-border electricity supplier entrepreneurs decided to rely on their own strength, trying to use the ocean on the other side of the "black five" trend, the reconstruction of a cross-border shopping "double eleven".

in the transfer channel of Jingan Temple, Shanghai, ocean pier and little red book will be put together black five ads.

November looks destined to be the electricity supplier industry’s annual battlefield, where the double eleven waste heat has not dissipated, here Black five war smoke has been up to four. In addition to the two outside, a number of cross-border electricity providers including Amazon, Tmall international, Jingdong, NetEase, the global purchase koala Feng interest scouring the sea, wind, meme are already eager for a fight, new and old players have appeared, the smell of gunpowder.


"this industry (cross-border shopping) to promote each year’s’ black Friday ‘is a key node. This "black Friday" may not be particularly large, certainly less than 90 billion (ALI double the sales of eleven), but the "black Friday" is expected to amount should be 2 to more than 300 million, 09 years of Taobao double eleven day trading volume is 50 million yuan, less than 5 years, 90 billion this year, "black Friday" if the ocean terminal can break 3 hundred million, 5 years later, is also a day may one hundred billion. This is the trend, this is the tuyere." Ocean pier CEO had said.

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2014 was known as the first cross-border import electricity supplier. This year, thanks to the policy level has been the release of favorable cross-border trade, traditional retailers, domestic and international electricity supplier giant, venture companies, logistics service providers, supply chain distributors have entered the board, staking.

their purpose is to allow the rapid rise of the 500 million middle class electricity supplier users to buy good quality and high cost of foreign goods, together to carve up the big cake of this trillion market. According to statistics of the Ministry of Commerce in 2014, China engaged in cross-border electricity supplier platform has more than 5000 companies, through various platforms to carry out cross-border electricity supplier business foreign trade enterprises more than 20.

The Red Sea is

behind the rapid growth of user demand: in August 6, 2015, Taobao released the global purchase "ten year sea Amoy report" shows that 2015 is the sea Amoy explosive growth of the year, the first half of the total population accounted for the new sea Amoy 28%, far higher than in previous years. At the same time, according to the PayPal and the international market research agency Ipsos jointly issued the second annual global cross-border trade investigation report, 2015, 35% of consumers have been scouring the sea Chinese online shopping experience, in 2014, this proportion was only 2>

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