How to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees

Through the past two years to the Japanese side to do the software, I deeply understand that if some of our IT industry does not change the current management model, then meet it can only be eliminated.

is perhaps the boss’s consciousness is not strong, perhaps their consciousness is weak, a boss’s awareness is strong, we can only see him is only the immediate interests, or look to the future.

now I will according to oneself in the process of project management to improve the enthusiasm of all people, hope the manager responsible for the project or project to be helpful.

1: there’s a leader like

2: a reasonable allocation of work

when the allocation of work, some reference opinions, don’t you want to do what, not because he and my relationship is not good, the heavy, multi task to him. Let’s talk about the difficulty of the workload and what kind of problems will be encountered in the work, to fully estimate. According to the staff to read the development tools proficiency, so that employees admire you.

3: reasonable use of working hours

4: what is expected to be difficult to work

5: eat or travel

6: project summary

in the project finished, must not finish it, there must be summed up, whether developers or testers and quality personnel etc.. Have a profound summary of the project, summed up with

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