1 store staff collusion inside and outside the disclosure of customer information police control 11

in May this year, the "1 shop No. 900 thousand user information selling 500 yuan a" true reporter verify reported 1 store user information was leaked the news, the event made the shop 1, suffered a serious crisis of confidence.

yesterday (November 1st), this event has finally come. Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau network security corps informed since August, the public security departments to combat the crime of network crime in Shanghai.

according to the police, the police according to the investigation of the previous row, has now seized the number 1 shop online mall staff and leave, collusion outside the internal and external staff, resulting in part of the disclosure of customer information case. Up to now, 11 people have been controlled by the public security department, the case is still under investigation.


users "kicked off" previously broke the news, people through the QQ to sell 1 store data, 900 thousand user data to sell 500 yuan. The seller said, his price is very cheap, if not the emergency money, not so cheap to sell. Some media also made a verification of the authenticity of the information, the results show that most of the user data is a real information.

, according to media reports, Ms. Zou Gang Hou consumer purchasing goods in 1 stores in March 11th, it was not clear detailed address, wrote a "fill Monday". Because the address is wrong, 1 shop customer service canceled orders.

March 12th, Ms. Zou when shopping for a friend, not forget to write the detailed address before the day is still "fill Monday", then the courier in the delivery, get detailed shipping address through telephone communication, it will reach the goods.

two months later in May 22nd, Ms. Zou friend Mr. Hou received a call, claiming to be the shop No. 1 customer service, because Mr. Hou before the 1 store consumption, to send a VIP membership card to Mr. hou. However, Mr. Hou in the shop No. 1 address is to fill in on Monday, I hope Mr. Hou told the customer address in detail, in order to send gifts.


did not think about the details will be informed of each other. May 23rd, Mr. Hou is working outside, express delivery package to his company, payment of 298 yuan. The Department colleagues thought Mr. hou to order goods, to help him to pay 298 yuan. Subsequently, he did not know how to contact the customer service number 1 shop No. 1 did not give a VIP card, there is no cash on delivery.

this information opened the 1 shop user information security tip of the iceberg. In fact, including Dangdang, Jingdong mall, including a number of electricity supplier sites have been similar events, so the loss of a few people.

yesterday evening, shop No. 1 public relations official confirmed the news to the "daily economic news" reporter said, "and found that part of the customer’s order information (i.e., half a year ago the customer’s receipt of information) may exist after the leak, immediately to the police. We also expect the suspects to be brought to justice as soon as possible."


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