The domestic luxury site or lift another round of war burn electricity supplier

      in the global economic depression, overseas luxury goods in the domestic market 10493 to many domestic and foreign businessmen excited, there are examples of successful luxury websites, many electricity providers have to test the water, built in domestic luxury site. At present, the development of the electricity supplier, the total can not avoid reincarnation into burn, which is also facing the problem of luxury site.

overseas luxury goods in the domestic market by the great welcome from the public desire for domestic brands, appear stampede in the scene. However, the location and overseas luxury itself is different, it is a kind of cultural heritage itself more, bring the accumulation of years can not be replaced, limited and mystery is the core of it, and these are likely to be the rise of the domestic luxury site to destroy. Luxury brand itself is cautious, wait-and-see attitude towards e-commerce.

Localization of

is less than the original electricity supplier discounts to attract users to buy, obviously it challenges the luxury price positioning is more difficult than the price problem is how to arrive, limited seasonal products and how to provide, this is the biggest problem. Supply is difficult to ensure that the electricity supplier’s profit space is limited, the site membership is a token.

for luxury website, the first question is that must obtain official sales right become the brand’s legal cooperation and related agents, brand agents, the channel development costs is as can be imagined, who might burn, can be the first to get the right agent, also provide the sales of luxury goods to match the high-end service capacity, high demands on the service ability of the website.

and look at the domestic purchasing power of people constantly improve the luxury goods, luxury goods market is more settled Chinese hard facts, but the current domestic electricity supplier overall development trend is not clear, the development of luxury website has many problems, whether in the luxury online shopping form close to the hitherto unknown domestic consumers, is still unable to guess.

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