Ministry of Commerce ten measures to support the electricity supplier turnover will exceed 18 trilli

every reporter Zhou Zhou from Beijing

in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee after the closing of the Ministry of Commerce to promote consumption and deployment of domestic circulation work, issued to promote the implementation of e-commerce, and cultivate the market growth point held a video conference to expand consumption, build a long-term mechanism for expanding consumption, expanding domestic demand release signal.

November 21st, the Ministry of Commerce announced the implementation opinions "to promote the application of e-commerce" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") pointed out that, by 2015, to make e-commerce become the social flow of goods and services an important mode of e-commerce transactions over 18 trillion yuan.

Deputy director of the Ministry of Economic Research Institute of the Ministry of consumer

business Zhao Ping said, the future important area to expand domestic demand, including electronic commerce related information consumption, service consumption, the traditional consumer goods, recommended the introduction of corresponding policies to promote consumption.

is expected to solve the problems in circulation industry

in November 22nd, the Ministry of Commerce held a market growth point to expand consumer video conference made a series of deployment, first mentioned, to the development of modern circulation power, improve circulation efficiency, promote affordable consumer convenience.

generally speaking, measures and policies are the most important of the first, has not yet solved the problem to be solved." The commerce department distinguished experts, Beijing Technology and Business University Business Institute of Economic Research Director Hong Tao told the "daily economic news" reporter.

expand consumption, start domestic demand, China’s economic growth will be driven by domestic demand, the reform of the circulation system is the most critical. But in terms of segmentation, regional blockade is the chronic circulation industry.

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance and economics researcher Song Zeceng said that the lack of internal opening, blocking the flow of channels, so that there is no place to sell, there is demand, nowhere to buy, the contradiction is still sharp.

Hong Tao believes that to solve the circulation system of chronic disease needs to solve two relationships: the relationship between central and local governments, the relationship between government and market. To define the relationship between government and market, great changes have taken place in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee on the role of the market in resource allocation with the formulation of the efforts, the mentioned decisive position, then, to see how to solve the central unified decision and fragmentation of the problem."

bull management need to unify

the flow of goods in the international and domestic markets is not completely smooth, there is no uniform trade". In the opinion of the Ministry of commerce circulation development secretary Xiang Xin, an important reason is that the domestic implementation of the "management practices".

he had held in July, the Chinese characteristics of the circulation system top-level design seminar, said, the main reason is that government agencies are still various sectors of management."

to Xin believes that the core is the transformation of government management functions. China’s internal and external trade management gap. Foreign trade to achieve market-oriented public business management, all import and export enterprises or economic entities are their services and Management Objects >

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